What are Ortho­dox wor­ship hymns like?

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Between 65–75% of the tra­di­tional Cop­tic Liturgy involves con­gre­ga­tional chanting or singing. Cop­tic Chris­tians do not use musi­cal instru­ments with the excep­tion of the cym­bals and tri­an­gle, which are used sim­ply to keep musi­cal time or tempo. A choir of dea­cons leads the con­gre­ga­tion in har­mo­nious chant. Our hymns are solemn, prayer­ful and intended to lead the faith­ful to wor­ship the liv­ing God. Participation is key if you hope to stay focused during the liturgical prayers. These hymns of the church pack a lot of meaning, not only in the words but also in the tune itself. Each season of the church has its own tunes and hymns. New vis­i­tors will find there are many new things to expe­ri­ence in a Cop­tic Ortho­dox Church ser­vice. Feel free to go at your own pace, ask any ques­tions you want, and know you are most wel­come to “come and see.”

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